“Royalview Shetlands” is owned and operated by Wayne and Debbie Smith who have been involved with horses for most of their lives including breeding quality Thoroughbreds, yearling sales preparation and breeding quality Shetland ponies for all disciplines.

The team at Royalview aim to rear the highest quality ponies for our customers. At every stage of the breeding process we take into account Shetland pony nature and provide excellent care in our first class facilities.

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Our Team

We welcome you to Royalview Shetlands! There are many members of the Royalview team, along with the Shetlands, who work together to keep all horses …Read More »

Our Aim

Our constant focus is to breed high quality, up to size Shetland ponies of varying colours. We breed great conformation with a trainable relaxed temperament …Read More »

Shetland Pony Nature

Shetland ponies are built tough, with a cheeky and good natured personality. Like the picturesque Scottish landscape that Shetlands once called home, Royalview Shetland Stud, …Read More »


We pride ourselves on providing the highest standard of care for our Shetlands. Royalview Shetland Stud has a full range of top quality facilities which are …Read More »