Our Team

We welcome you to Royalview Shetlands! There are many members of the Royalview team, along with the Shetlands, who work together to keep all horses happy and healthy.


Wayne is the founder of Royalview Shetlands and some could say he is addicted to breeding Shetlands. With a long history of horse experience including breeding Thoroughbreds, he enjoys spending time with the ‘little fellas’ and teaching them new skills.

Wayne-BioIt all started when his daughter Nikki decided she wanted to race a Shetland after seeing it on TV. Then came the pony, then the stallion, then the mare.. and on it went. Racing has been one of Wayne’s hobbies for all of his life. He has a keen eye for quality and applies this to both breeding Thoroughbreds and Shetlands. As the farrier at Royalview, Wayne has a very busy schedule keeping all horses and ponies on the property trimmed and well cared for.


Deb spent her younger years riding ponies on her family property in Eltham and she continues her passion for horses in Arthurs Creek.

Debbie BioShe enjoys foaling down the Shetlands and watching them grow. She especially loves hearing from people who have purchased Royalview Shetlands and hearing all about their stories and adventures.

A total animal lover, not just limited to horses, she loves dogs, cats and possibly her biggest love is for her team of chooks (she wanted a profile for each of them here for you to see).

Deb keeps the property nice and tidy along with keeping the worming and trimming schedules up-to-date.


Bertie is the king of the farm. Keen to get on the mower at any chance, he keeps the property looking immaculate and always has a smile on his face.

BertieHe loves to have a chat with visitors especially if it’s about horses or fishing. With fishing rod holders on the back of his trusty 4-wheel motorbike, Bertie is as mobile as they come and the rumble of his bike begins early in the morning making sure the team’s ready to start work.

If you have a chat with him, he’s sure to tell you about the time ‘Red Pepper’ – a childhood friend’s horse, gave him a thrilling experience when he was bareback up Regent Street. He’s the heart and soul of the property.


Nikki has spent her life riding horses and in her younger years was lucky enough to pursue a Shetland racing career on her favourite pony ‘Alfie’.

Nikki BioRacing was a highlight of her riding experience because it got her heart pumping and there was always a tight finish, some rivals and a few spills here and there – including a big one at the Royal Melbourne Show in front of a big crowd (all part of the fun!). These days Nikki is enjoying riding her two equestrian horses ‘Misty’ and ‘Al’ and works in advertising full-time. She loves venturing to the farm to help with the horses when she can during the week and on weekends.


Our resident Staffy – she may look a little arrogant in this profile pic but she is in fact the most welcoming and friendly dog there is.

ZoeHer hobbies include scavenging around the horse feed containers and cleaning up after hoof trimmings (anything to fill that tummy).

Zoe is sure to greet you with a big smile if you visit and usually hangs out with her two Jack Russell mates Paddy and Danny (she thinks they are her puppies).

Paddy and Danny

Paddy and DannyThe two little rascals! Danny and Paddy were new additions to the team in 2013. Like Zoe, they enjoy eating the scraps and cleaning up after trimming day.