We pride ourselves on providing the highest standard of care for our Shetlands. Royalview Shetland Stud has a full range of top quality facilities which are available for hire upon request.


Royalview’s Arthurs Creek property includes the following facilities to provide our horses with the best quality of life:

  • Under cover vet crush
  • Loading ramp
  • Full stable (including 8-12’ x 12’ boxes)
  • Thorough mix feed mixer
  • Faecal egg count monitoring (performed at regular intervals on site)
  • Sand roll
  • Breaking tie up area
  • 18 metre roundyard
  • Olympic size floodlit ménage 60m x 20m with elevated viewing room
  • 8-horse walking machine
  • Heated horse wash
  • Floodlit foaling yards
  • Foaling alarms
  • Sand day yards
  • Grass day yards
  • ½ acre post and rail grass yards (with walk in walk out boxes)
  • Various sized undulating paddocks ranging in sizes from 3 acres to 10 acres
  • 10 dams

Paddock Care

All manure is collected on a regular basis using our world renowned patented PC900 & PC1800 Nicholson Paddock Cleaners. By eliminating most parasites and pathogens we are able to maintain a healthy, manure-free environment. We do not harrow our paddocks thereby preventing the spread of manure. This prevents manure being re-consumed by ponies and adds greatly to their overall health.

Our ponies are  only wormed when necessary. In this way we are hugely reducing the chance of parasite resistance to drenches. If you wish to learn more about paddock cleaning visit the Nicholson Paddock Cleaners website.

Paddock Cleaner